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hika’s art giveaway


this is my first giveaway omg i’m sorry if its not this good because i dont really know what to say but i just wanted to thank you all for 600+ followers uwu

24th july - 19th august

mbf me

likes and reblogs both counted

i’ll select the winners with this thing

no giveaway blogs 

First place:

  • 2 full body characters of your choice (oc, you, your husband i dont care whatever you want)
  • a pairing of your choice
  • drawing of your theme 

second place:

  • 1 half body character of your choice (it stops when the knees start) 
  • 1 chibi thing 
  • 1 portrait thing 

third place:

  • a chibi of any character you want~

examples of my art: (my old url was kaineki the url is still one some of the pictures)

did it under a read more because the post was too long 

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